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Anapa: the popular resort of Russia

Anapa – is one of the solar resorts of our country, known for its mild climate. The city is a real health center of Russia, here the nature itself offers powerful medicinal properties:

  • Air, saturated with useful elements and sea salts strengthens the immune system, cleanses the lungs, soothes nerves;
  • Mineral water from local sources is used for treatment of gastritis, ulcers and other diseases of gastrointestinal tract;
  • And even the mud - curative. Mud Baths helps get rid of the pain in joints and muscles. Anapa mud is widely used for cosmetic purposes.

The tender southern sun raises the mood, heals from the spleen and shines over the resort for most of the year, even in the winter season.

The history of the city

People began to master the shores of the Black Sea in antiquity. In the seventh century BC, in the place of Anapa, according to historical facts, there was a port - Sindh Harbor, which eventually became part of the Bosporan kingdom. The governor in the city, the representative of the lawful government, appointed Gorgippa, his name was the city - Gorgippia.  Life in the ancient city was boiling and boiling - large merchant ships brought goods, furrowed swift fishing boats, traded in markets various kinds of food and household items, artisans and craftsmen provided residents with necessary things.

However, hordes of Huns violated peaceful life by attacking the city, they ruined and destroyed it, like neighboring villages. Only after hundreds of years, life began to boil again on the Black Sea coast - merchants from Genoa built a fortress.

Then the fertile land and a convenient port attracted the attention of the Turkish feudal lords. According to one of the versions, it is in those times the city changed the name and became Anapa. This period of history of the resort is the most tense - the outpost gave the Ottoman Empire to influence the Northern Caucasus, thereby affecting the interests of the Russian Empire, and this has given rise to war. The final victory was won by the Russian troops on June 12, 1828, and the city of Anapa became part of Russia.

The history of the Resort

The Anapa Lazurnaya Hotel is located in the very center of the resort city, the boarding house is on Pionersky Prospekt, the main historical street which in Soviet times was the "territory of childhood" and still remains the most popular health resort in the country for children and adults.

The era of the resort, started almost immediately after the liberation of the city from the Turks. A favorable climate attracted people on the Black Sea coast at all times, children with poor health were brought here, adults came to receive medical treatment and relax.

The official status of the health resort of Anapa is due to Professor Budzinsky, the balneologist was one of the first to highly appreciate the therapeutic power of sea bathing, sun bathing and healing mud. It was Vladimir Adolfovich who moved from scientific research to concrete actions:

  • In July 1900, he opened the first mud treatment clinic in the city, equipping the rooms with the most modern medical devices at the time;
  • In 1902, Professor opens the resort boarding house on 90 places (building preserved so far);
  • In 1903, the first patients were taken care of the children's health camp "Bimliuk", built on the initiative of Professor Budzinsky;
  • In 1913, the health resort "Luchezarnaya" was opened, in 13 kilometers from Anapa, the third institution built by Vladimir Adolfovich.

In 1913, Professor Budzinsky was elected head of the city and chairman of the city duma, he had many plans for the development of the resort, but he did not have time to implement the projects - the first world war and then civil war began in the history of the resort inflicts a long pause.

The revival of Anapa began after the end of the civil war and, in fact, spontaneously. The road from the city to the village Vityazevo turned into a tent city, where many young orphans whose parents died in the war, found shelter. Then the city leadership joined and on the spot of tents began to appear camps for children's rest, and the road turned into a street - the same Pionersky Avenue, where currently located "Anapa Lazurnaya" resort.

"The territory of childhood" grew rapidly - by 1941 there were 17 pioneer camps on the street, a multi-sector boarding house, three sanatoriums and even a penal colony for juvenile offenders whose health was undermined and weakened.

Today, on Pioneer Avenue, hundreds of hotels, children's camps for recreation, health resorts for children and adults.

Anapa nowadays

Today Anapa is the largest family and children's resort. Here are just a small list of the merits:

  • It is an amazing landscape, combining the foothills, mixed forests and lowland plains and marine firth;
  • It is 40 kilometers of comfortable sandy beaches;
  • It is more than 200 hotels and health resorts;
  • It is the modern methods of recovery, which apply in resorts;
  • It is mineral water and medicinal mud;
  • It is a unique natural and historical monument (excavations of the ancient city of Gorgippia, dolmens, the Great Utrish reserve, ethno-villages and much more);
  • It is a developed industry of recreation and entertainment (water park, dolphinarium, oceanarium, diving clubs, kitesurfing, paragliding, horseback riding, sea fishing, numerous restaurants, cafes and much more);
  • It is the organization of various excursions to the famous wineries, the lotus valley, the ostrich farm, the castle "Lion's head" and other interesting places.

"Anapa Lazurnaya" invites tourists to enjoy an unforgettable holiday at the best resort in Russia - in Anapa.

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